Oilixia Explorers: Selena

Meet Selena, our next Oilixia Explorer who lives in California, USA and runs a marketing consultancy Luna Beauty UKWe met Selena in London and she also worked for us for a few months, so you can say that she knows our products very well!

We love Selena’s sense of style, creativity and design. Here, we have a closer look at her world of beauty.

“I wear whatever feels best on my skin! I don’t jump on new skincare or beauty trends. However, if I like something, and believe it will benefit or enhance my skin; I’ll try it, at least once.

My beauty routine changes. Lately I’ve been at home way too much, so I’ve been focusing on my skincare, wellness, and health (which all correlate). It’s always: morning run, exercise, yoga+ meditation. Skincare wise: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, eye cream, and SPF during the day. At night, when I’m not being lazy, I end with my Oilixia Gua Sha.

The best beauty tip that’s been passed on to me is to wear SPF every-day, no exceptions! Thank you, mum! X

When it comes to travel, I’m a city girl at heart. So, I’m always up for a city getaway to London or Paris, but must include some places with green scenery. However, the #1 spot will always go to the motherland, Mexico.”

You can see more of Selena over on Instagram @lunabeautyuk

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