Oilixia is a natural beauty brand that celebrates rare botanical oils and extracts sourced from across the globe.

Inspired by founder Alexandra Jansons’ inherent wanderlust – (she has travelled through over 50 countries) – Oilixia is a tribute to the wonderful local ingredients discovered on her travels.

Treasured by indigenous cultures for their potency and beauty-enhancing benefits, yet unique and uncommon to a global audience, Alexandra learned the value of these powerful oils and extracts and was inspired to do something with that knowledge.

The result is Oilixia, a British-based small batch producer of globally-sourced natural ingredients with specific beauty benefits.

Oilixia’s nut and seed oils are cold-pressed to preserve their potency and they’ve chosen oils that are rich in antioxidants which means that they can formulate without artificial preservatives.

Always dreaming about the next adventure, all products are featured in packaging under 100ml so they are easy to pick up and go, wherever life takes you.

Hello and welcome to our wonderful world of beauty!

My name’s Alexandra and I created Oilixia out of a passion for the fabulous natural ingredients that the world has to offer.

I’ve travelled through over 50 countries … and counting … and the most fascinating observation I made was that time and time again, women tend to use native ingredients and local knowledge to inform their beauty and wellbeing treatments.

This is the single biggest inspiration for Oilixia – to use those powerful and often rare ingredients that have been proven throughout history to create effective natural skincare products for the modern woman and man.

I love that our products are natural, freshly produced in small batches, largely based on cold pressed oils and contain unique potent ingredients from local producers that support their community.

With English and Latvian heritage, I was born in Australia, now living in the UK, but usually exploring a new destination finding inspiration for our next beauty product.

A few things about me


Favourite global destination:

Ooooh, this is a tough one, but I don’t think anything can beat Iceland. I love its sharply contrasting environment; the heat of its thermal waters with the icy winds and the polar nights of winter with the midnight sun of summer. The changeable environment is also fairly harsh, meaning that only the toughest plants have adapted and survived, which makes for some very exciting beauty ingredients. The deliciously fresh seafood and Skyr isn’t bad either!

Favourite beauty ingredient:

It has to be Eucalyptus oil. Having grown up in Australia, the locally sourced Eucalyptus oil was a huge feature of my childhood. Eucalyptus oil is widely used in skincare products, household products, and even to treat head colds; I am sure every Australian child would remember being able to buy a bag of Eucalyptus Drops from the school canteen for 5 cents! Eucalyptus oil has incredible antibacterial properties and a really uplifting scent. It’s a feature ingredient in our Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser. Besides this, I use it as a household cleaner on our kitchen surfaces and to clean my yoga mat. I just mix a few drops with water into a bottle sprayer.

In-flight beauty must have:

This will come as no surprise – a facial oil! I have been travelling with Oilixia’s Explorer Blend and it’s a fabulous in-flight beauty partner. It’s light enough to absorb quickly, yet nourishing enough to combat dry cabin air.

Travel necessity:

A head flashlight. Don’t laugh. I did when my dad gave me one as a travel present before one of my big trips. But in fairness, it’s the most useful thing you will ever own; from rummaging through a suitcase in the dark, walking at night and reading – I even use it around the house (changing light bulbs in winter with it is a breeze!).

Travel snack of choice:

I have a huge addiction to Nakd Salted Caramel Nibbles, so much so that I don’t reserve them only for travel – they’re a daily treat! They’re made with only a handful of all natural ingredients and really hit the spot when you’re on-the-go.

Do you have any other burning beauty or travel questions? You can contact me at [email protected] or keep up with my latest travel and beauty adventures on Instagram.

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